Comments 4x More Valuable Than Likes (by EdgeRank Checker)

via EdgeRank Checker by Chad Wittman)
November 15, 2011 at 03:14PM

Facebook has recently unveiled new metrics that allows us to monitor Shares and Clicks. Shares are a very important aspect of EdgeRank. They take Posts from one user’s feed and immediately seed it into the “Sharer’s” feed for all of their friends to see. This can create a truly viral effect on Facebook. We decided to analyze Clicks and Shares to see how they effect the usual metrics.

We analyzed how many Clicks a Post received against each major metric (Likes, Comments, Impressions). This can give a marketer a basic guideline on how many Clicks (on average) they can expect per engagement type. For example if you’re Post received 2 Likes, the Link on average should receive approximately 6 Clicks. The results are as follows:

  • Avg Clicks Per Like: 3.103
  • Avg Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  • Avg Clicks Per Impression: 0.005

What does this mean?

For every Like a Post gets, it received on average 3.1 Clicks. For every Comment a Post receives, it results on average 14.678 Clicks. This ultimately means that the more engagement your update receives, the more Clicks it will receive. What is interesting about this data is that a Comment results in roughly 4 times the amount of Clicks.

Marketers often ask the difference in value between Likes & Comments. This data seems to suggest that (in terms of Clicks) a Comment is worth 4x a Like.

Wednesdays had the best Shares ratios along with the highest Clicks ratios. It is tough to say exactly why Wednesdays resulted in the highest Shares and Clicks, however the trend seems to suggest that more users are on Facebook midweek than on the weekend. It is interesting that Friday did poorly in Clicks, perhaps suggesting not many users interact with content as actively than other days of the week.

Day of Week Avg Shares/Fans Avg Clicks/Fans
Sunday 0.09% 0.43%
Monday 0.09% 0.39%
Tuesday 0.10% 0.47%
Wednesday 0.11% 0.49%
Thursday 0.09% 0.41%
Friday 0.09% 0.35%
Saturday 0.08% 0.39%

A few weeks ago we looked at the Impact of the New Hybrid News Feed. We found that big Pages were experiencing an increase in engagement, whereas smaller Pages were experiencing a decrease. Essentially, the larger the Page, the better the new hybrid news feed was impacting their brand.

We think this data suggests that smaller Pages are able to create more relevant content for their fans, which ultimately results in higher Clicks and Shares. This may be further indication that large brands should make multiple Pages to narrow down their audience. For example Nike takes this approach: Nike, Nike Football, Nike Basketball, etc. This allows their branding to be more focused and honed it, possibly resulting in more Clicks and Shares.

How did we analyze the data?

We examined a random sampling of 5,500+ Facebook Pages. We analyzed 80,000+ of their Posts over the month of October (2011). The 80,000 posts were all of the “Link” type, to keep Clicks more accurately represented in our data. Each Post was analyzed (clicks, shares, fans, etc) as needed for the above graphs.


Shares are very important in driving more exposure to your content. Sometimes asking your users to Share a Post can be enough to help the content spread further. More elaborate techniques will include creating “Sharable” content. Current popular objects that are being Shared are funny and/or entertaining images or videos. The trick is to get the fan to “share” this photo/video/etc with their friends. Make the photo/video/etc something their friends would actually want to see.


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